Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Success Stories

We all see Success Stories about people lossing weight fast, in a month less then a month and so on. right?
But are thous time frames real? Thats what i ask my self or we ask our self. Do they use pills?  What's the real deal? I always see then every were. But they never say how, or they are always selling something behind it.

Wont they just say it already. Half of Americans need to know. Me my self is over weight. Yeah it's true. I'm FAT. Most of us dont have time to exercise. We don't have alot of running around to do with kids, jobs ect.

I went looking around to see if theres any thing that i could take to loss weight at least some of it. i ran in to this pill like every other one that says but is it real? I tried Herbalife that carp doesnt work. Just took my money.
I guess it make money for people, and SkinnyBodyCare. Never tried it but if you have to work for it(sale it) maybe it's fake.

I only know one guy that got skinny lost weight fast but that was from lapband. That's was the only way he lost weight. "I'm not advertising for then at all". I'm just saying.I called them and we are going to do it.
Let's see what happens. We all want that hard rock body. I'll see if i can get it. lol Crossing my fingers here.
But if anyone out there can get me to loss weight before the surgery I'm up for it..
Till then....

Ps. It's hard to eat healthy when your always broke.. 

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