Wednesday, May 18, 2011

walmart automotive dep.

well yesturday I went to go get a oil change at ezlube. but they did not want to do the oil change. for the reason that in the oil pan plug had a do not brake seal.(walmart employe put it there) The EzLube guy said if he brakes seal and something is wrong with it they don't want to fall responsible.
So I took it back to walmart and they told me that the plug was stripped. So they said sorry. then I was like you have to pay for the new oil pan. Well they were nice about it. then I file a claim.
But new I have to drive around whit oil leaking of the plug til it gets fix. but would they really fix it? will see..
in all this happening two people heard and one asked me what happend. So I told him and he said heck no and took of so the other guy. lol
and fir the guy that stripped it. Still works there. this is in corona,ca of Ontario st.

well the people at walmart and there claim department called and said they would fix my oil pan. now I have to get a stement. I hope they don't back down. will see tomorrow (5/19/11) huh...


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