Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Van Buren Drivein (movies)

 Well we went to the movies on Friday night. Sorry for the late post.(feeling sick) but the kids wanted to go to
Van Buren drivein Theatre.
So we went and Actually had a blast there. I thought i would have to worry about other kids smoking pot or drunk people fighting.
But i was all wrong. Again..LOL
It was a great experience and we would go again. We took snacks, parked it reverse and enjoyed the movie. We say The Pirates of the Caribbean 4. In i guess what they would call it "theater 2"Cool movie. That's were all the kids were playing before the movie started.
I also got help from them or someone hosting the post's in Facebook. Great communication there,and there fans.If you have Facebook don't forget to hit like on there page. See ya!

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