Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of those days

Well today was one of thouse days.
It went some what like,
In the morning was a bit blurry when my wife tried to wake me up before she left to work. I just remember the kiss she gave me.( soft nice!) bit later got up,made breakfest for baby. We spent time and watched spongebob( like 2 hours) It was good. Left a early to work to pass by fresh&easy. walked around picked up lunch there.

Got to work it was not good. WAIT!
Is it when is a hassle to be at work, that time for a new one?

Well I'm tyred of hearing everyone here complain about others. To much gossip,politics, and what ever falls in there. well that was my day to day. Sucked. well not the morning.

Woke up by a nice kiss,kicked it with baby,picked up lunch,got to work. :/
hope tomorrow is a better one..

Wifes kiss,spend baby time,fresh&easy.
(love that store).

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